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Ride Central riders service

Ride Central riders service

Gaining the exposure to earn a decent sponsorship deal is pretty tough. Well, it was until now! Ride, race, create a profile, show your friends, plug yourself to sponsors, pick up deals with the new service from ride-central, launched on the 31st Jan. You don't have to wait, though - read on for a preview.

Looking to get sponsored? Looking to meet riders with similar riding standards? looking to get into racing in a relaxed environment? We can help. www.ride-central.com goes live at the end of this month and were offering all this and more.

We have our own race series to help develop grassroots riders, an advanced online profile system so riders can build there own profiles and create mini sites of there own to show there friends and potential sponsors, profile areas for companies to promote themselves and look for new riders. We have a film crew who go out to meet talented riders every week and release a free video magazine every 2 months to showcase unseen talent!

We have a race team promoting and helping the sport at all levels. We are giving away cool free bike kit every month to you guys. We are lucky enough to have some great companies behind us to really help develop the sport and help it grow. Check us out on the 31st Jan and sign up for a free account.

Let's make this sport what it should be.

For more info please e-mail news @ ride-central.com or click on www.ride-central.com.

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