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NeoGuard ship in different sizes

NeoGuard ship in different sizes

I checked out the first NeoGuard, suitable for DH forks, here. Since then, the Rapid Racing crew have been busy - the rest of the range have hit the shores.
Further to my review of the NeoGuard, the question I am sure many of you have been asking is "Can I get one for my XC/AM/trail bike/hardtail?".

Well, the guys from RRP obviously thought the same and have now answered your question - the newly expanded range is in stock now and takes care of every fork from 80mm through to 210. They cover this range with four different sizes from XS to L.

A 'small' NeoGuard landed on the mat, with custom logo giving evil eyes to the other trail users and fitting neatly on my Pikes. No longer will I spend night rides squinting through muddy glasses (and occasionally sniffing to make sure it's just mud).

Functionally, it's just the same at the DH version - read the review here if you want an explanation of how a vertical mudguard works. The NeoGuard does the job - and the small version is no different.

As well as different sizes, there are now Limited Edition prints available to suit your style, or even have a batch printed in your own custom design for your club or race team.

NeoGuards are available in all sizes now. Buy online at

Small sized NeoGuard fits Pikes (140mm) perfectly.

Pikes wound down to 110mm

The table helps you choose a size to fit your fork

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