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Pearce Summer Series - Hopton

Pearce Summer Series - Hopton

What better way to end a hard year of racing than trucking down to the Midlands for the final round of the Pearce series. Nick Emerson toughed out some hot racing and hotter weather to bring you the lowdown.
Words : Nick Emerson
Photos : Thomas Gaffney

Saturday 27th September saw a return to a dry and dusty Hopton for the final round of the Pearce run Midlands Summer Series.

A number of gravity-slaves regulars made the trip, with the notable absence of the master slave, has MX spoiled DH for him? The fun bus was in attendance though, with Malco, B and myself all raring to go - having spent a total 2 months in bed between us with deadly man flu.

All change from round 5, the course shared nothing accept the uplift with the last round. For those of you that know the place, we used the leftmost course as you look at the hill – otherwise it went a little like this:

Off the start lump, couple of wee pedals and into some twisty rooty turns – these were fantastic in the dry, but saw some amazing leg flapping in the wet. Couple of pedals out of a berm and into the road gap. Hit this and you were flying into the next section, dodge it and you had a full pelt flat s-bend to deal with.

Unknown Rider Launching the Road Gap

Nip through the tightest of trees and hold your speed for a long rooty, twisty and generally awesome section through the forest. Hard on the anchors as you drop off the wee ‘quarry’ drop, then catching some floaty air over the rebuilt double, before getting back on the gas for section two.

Couple of pedals over the fire road crossing, then a small triple and another bump double into the open. Clear both of these and the next section rushed past super fast. A couple of sneaky ventures into the grass kept the speed up in the open bits, before hauling on the hydros and dropping into the switchbacks. A few wide lines appeared here, and blew out almost as fast. Plenty of time lost in this section, but not that much to gain.

Unknown Rider – Probably losing time in the switchbacks!

Drop onto and off of the uplift road and you were down into some more twisty trees before hitting the nicest berms in UK DH (how fast were the Morgans through here?) and a super sweet dusty last turn before squashing the wee finishing table and pedalling for the win.

The course was dry as a bone – almost too dry - on Saturday and super fast. Uplifts ran in their usual flawless fashion, (make sure you get the rally driver next time you go to a Pearce uplift) and with no major hiccups, pretty much everyone had a laid back and enjoyable time.

Fires lit up the night on Saturday as it was effing ffffreezing out – well worth taking a companion with you for camping, or maybe grabbing one for the night if you’ve got the skills (?!)

Sunday saw dew. A lot of dew. Soaking wet dew on a plethora of roots. Team Sheffield/Fun Bus played their lazy card and sat round waiting for it to dry a touch. 3 runs in an hour got us back up to speed, and then off into race runs.

Racing ran as smoothly as ever until the hotly contested seniors, who had failed to notice the sun hide behind some big old clouds. Darkness fell, and rain came down. Worsening conditions saw a big old stack and a 10min gap in runs – during which the rain thoroughly slippened everything.

Plenty of stacks later, things started to dry out for run two, and if anything the track was grippier than ever. Some almost inconceivably fast times were laid down, and then it was podiums and home time.
Massive thanks to the guys at Pearce Cycles. As ever the most enjoyable races around. Full results/final standings here.

Round 6 Results

1 LIST David Stourport Specialist Cycles 2:16.515
2 WILLIAMS Colin Solid Bikes 2:18.018
3 LEWIS Alun AW Cycles 2:19.385

1 GRIFFITHS Craig 2:23.571
2 CALLOW Jeremy 2:24.718
3 MACHIN Elliot 2:25.230
15 MALCOMSON John 2:32.699
25 EMERSON Nick 2:38.632

1 SMITH Robert Santa Cruz/Reverse Components 2:11.283
2 DEACON Tom Ancillotti UK 2:15.698
3 HUGHES James MTB Direct/Reverse/Intense 2:16.383

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