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Zip tie peak repairs

by Factory Col on 24th June 2005

Another super simple top tip to keep your kit running sweet! Cracked the peak on your D2? Join the club - but fear not as Factory Col shows you how to keep it Fly!

The Troy Lee D2 is, without doubt, the coolest lid for DH racing. Used by all the Pro's and most of the stylish privateers. And it's you guys that need this tip. Not all of us can afford a custom painted lid with a ready supply of spare peaks. But fear not - if you crack yours, just follow this tip and you'll be rocking again!

Tools for the job:
- a small, flat bladed screwdriver
- some zipties (slightly smaller than the screwdriver)
- snips
- a heat source (gas stove, blowtorch etc)

Heat up the screwdriver and pierce holes eiter side of the crack in your peak. Slide through the zipties, pull them tight then zip them up! Snip off the ends all neat and tidy, like, and job's a good 'un!

Top side down

Bottom side up

Not quite 'as good as new' but certainlly enough to carry on riding the lid. If fact, you can only spot the fix if you are looking for it.

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