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HOPE freehub tip

by Phil on 16th March 2006

How come things are so much easier to take apart than put back together? You know that feeling when you wonder "What's in here?" and all sorts of springs and stuff drop on the floor. Here's a quick way to put the pawls back in your HOPE freehub.

First, put the kettle on. Never think about attempting any of these tips without a large cup of tea to hand!

Freehubs take a fair old beating and it's a good idea to grease them up every now and then. HOPE is one of the easiest to work on, needing no tools to get in there - just pull it apart!

That's when the trouble starts, though! All the bits drop on the desk and you have to get it back together once you have cleaned it all up and re-greased with a nice thin grease.

There are some very nimble mechanics out there can do this with fingers only but I prefer not to risk a slip and shoot my pawls under the fridge.

First, lay out all the bits, clean them down and get ready to put it all back together:

'Exploded' view of all the guts

Fit the pawls back on, springs first, so that everything looks like the image below. With the pawls sticking out like this, you can't refit the freehub. The pawls need to be retracted in order to get the hub back together.

The springs and pawls are in place - but how to refit to the hub?

The solution - pop the seal out of the hub body and carefully place it over the pawls. Since both hands are free, it's pretty simple to retract all the pawls and leave the freehub 'cocked' and ready to refit to the body.

Slide the muck seal over the pawls to hold them while you fit the freehub.

Simply slide the freehub back on. As the seal meets the body, it presses into it's seat and releases the pawls.

Finish your tea and then go ride!

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