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Focus the Film DVD review

by Phil on 10th April 2007

Since February, I've been nursing the holiday blues, dreaming of powder days and cliff drops instead of sticking the bike hard into corners and hitting rock gardens full tilt. It was either sell the house and emigrate or get over it and sort myself out. The prescription cure was an overdose of riding films to get my head out of the white stuff and back into bike mode.

I was in need of medicine to cheer up my post holiday grump. Fortunately for me some medicine dropped on the mat in the form of Focus, the film, thanks to distributors Chilli Video. Focus was filmed by Orpheous Productions with the aim of covering the riding scene from Pro to previously unscreened riders. A strong race feel with no attitude and rider sections and great tunes make this film extremely watchable.

If you're a racer, you'll have seen quite a bit of the events before but don't let that put you off. The exact footage is unique, camera work is slick with good framing and editing is tight. From Fort Bill to the Avalanche cup via the Euro champs, there's a good dose to keep the racers happy.

Eurobike action with a side of cheese

The Eurobike section is pure genius. Amazingly well put together, this is an insight into the world of bike shows and a real taste of Europe (with extra cheese). Kooky German bike show footage is backed up by the inspired tune 'Bonsai tree' that goes so well with this - I defy you to get the hook out of your head or not bounce about on the sofa.

Full on Euro short fashion alert

Outside of racing, the crew have done well to pick up some big names to film rider-specific sections. Justin Leov rails hard in Verbier while the MOJO crew bust some gaps in Leogang. David Vazquez's section in Spain is outstanding. Watching him flow and pump through the woods was the inspiration I was looking for. I can't wait to ride my bike!

You also get a behind the scenes look at what 'The Athertons' get up to on a training day as they blat through the deep berms at the top of Bala and hit some huge lines in a quarry that's just down the road.

A riding film has to achieve two things. First, and most importantly, it has to make you want to ride your bike. Second, and more difficulty, it has to hold your attention long enough so you don't turn it off and go ride your bike. Ideally, you'll want to watch it again and again, getting inspiration each time. For me, Focus achieved both of these goals. I am fired up to get out there and ride but will be back to this DVD for a top up when I canít get my own fix.

Focus is a refreshing film that has left me wanting to watch it again. Go on, treat yourself, add it to the stack of films and get motivated to keep it pinned through the corners in 2007.

Find out more and watch the trailer at focusthefilm.com.

Focus is currently £16.99 and available on-line from chillivideo.com.

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