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Bottom bracket shell facing

by Phil on 12th November 2007

It's been a while since I posted a quick workshop tip - and this one is a quickie! Got yourself a spangly new frame? Get the BB faced up properly!
There's many sceptics out there, me included. I got my frames faced for the first time and let me tell you, it's fo' real...

No matter how well made your frame is, the paint is lathered on nice and thick. No-one seems to go to the care to machine the faces after powder coating. So that lovely thick paint job means the bottom bracket shell faces aren't likely to be parallel.

Get your new ride down to your local bike shop and ask them to run the facing tool over your bb shell.

This will ensure the faces are perpendicular to the shell so when your bracket is fitted, everything snugs up square. The bearings will be perfectly in line with your crank axle so it all spins as intended.

I was well surprised how much material came off the shell before a nice even clean face appeared.

Take some time to get your frame done and it'll pay you back with a smoother drivetrain and longer lasting bottom bracket bearings.

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