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HU-i design corp clothing

by Phil on 25th August 2009

Hu-i design core is a rider run company who offer clothing for the adrenaline fuelled lifestyle. They offer a large range of styles that blend riding with military. Throw in the custom colour option and the choices are endless.
Hu-i is a rider owned clothing company hailing from the Steel city. I've seen riders buzzing around Wharncliffe and even the Alps in Hu-i clothing for a while now so it was time to find out more.

First question I'm sure you have is about the company name. Hu-i is actually pronounced 'Huey'. Based on the nickname of owner Matt, setting it out like Hu-i also resembles the Bell UH-1 designation given to the US helicopter used in 'Nam that the troops nicknamed 'Huey'.

There you have it! The link to the Bell Huey also explains some of the military influences in the designs, with bold block print and stripes mixing with the graphics.

Do not iron - no worries there!

Decent quality cotton shirts come with some nice touches such as sleeve printed logo and Hu-i's own custom label and washing instructions. I'm all for doing my own washing but ironing is a step too far so looks like the logos will stay fresh for a good while!

Just a couple of designs are above. I counted up 26 on the on-line shop so there's likely something to take your fancy. If you are not totally happy after perusing the large range of designs, you can always opt for a custom colour.

I wanted something to match the Commencal so went bottle green for the 'Salute' T. Matt sent me a digi mock up to make sure the print stood out from my chosen colour and the T's arrived within a couple of days. Great service.

T's are currently a decent 19 delivered. Custom colours are the same price but take slightly longer to produce.

If you are looking for something slightly different, check out the full range on-line at www.hu-i.co.uk

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