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Peaty hosts 10th Battle Royal

by Phil on 9th October 2009

Back for the 10th (and possibly final) year, Peaty is hosting Battle Royal at Doncaster Moto Park, Finningley, near Donny, this weekend (10th/11th October). Details are thin at the moment but from what we know, Saturday is the big bike battle, with mini bikers banging bars on Sunday.
Bar to bar action and floor to ceiling roost is the order of the day, both days, this weekend (10th/11th October) at Finningley! Peaty has been Tweeting about the new minibike track which was fully revamped this week and it sounds awesome.

Saturday will see big bikes taking to the main track, followed by a bonfire and fireworks before the mini bikers get revved up on Sunday. Billy from DirtMag is swapping the Trailstar for a Jeng Cheng 50 and grabbing some action on film too.

I'll be running my BC BMX number 665 - The Neighbour of the Beast - in my moto debut and hope to have some photos and video on line after the event.

The neighbour of the beast

Take a look at the track from last winter here, updated vholdr headcam from the weekend will be on line after the event.

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