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Knox knee and shin pads

by Phil on 17th October 2009

Knox have been in the armour market since the 1980s but they are not a brand I'd heard of until the Cross Max and Cross Lite pads were dropped off for me to have a look at. I dutifully strapped them on and headed out with the intention of not falling off my bike. How wrong I was...
The Knox Cross Lite is a simple lightweight fabric knee pad with a single strap, minimal padding and flexible semi-rigid cup over the kneecap. Side padding keeps the sides of your knees safe from banging on the bike.

Knox Cross Lite kneepads

The single strap can be worn above or below the knee, giving flexibility of fit. I found that below the knee, above the calf gives the best security and helps them stay in place during a hard days pedalling. I tried them on the BMX track with plenty of pedalling and on the rougher DH tracks and they didn't budge.

The Cross Lite pad is very light weight which helps in the comfort stakes. The breathable fabric makes them a great option for all day riding sessions. The trade off for light weight is less padding. It didn't take long for me to find out how much protection they offer! For big direct impacts I'd prefer a bit more shock absorption behind the knee cup but they stay in place well. I found them ideal for sliding crashes on smoother tracks, like 4X.

If you need a bit more protection and are prone to slipping off flat pedals, have a look at the Cross Max full leg/shin guards. Also awesome for strom trooper costumes. Either ways, these do look the business.

The hard shell has a hinged knee and four solid straps to keep them in place. My shins are pretty abused now and I normally just run kneepads and take the beats. However, for the winter, split shins and ski boots are really not a good mix at all so I tend to run full length shin protection when for a month or two before I'm off I've got a ski trip booked! Sometimes that extra piece of mind just lets you ride harder.

For comfort, the contoured internal padding is relieved in channels, which gives room for some airflow and is breathable too to keep the sweat at bay.

Both pads feature the CE Marking, which shows they have been tested and certified to meet the relevant safety standards. The supplied storage bags are a nice touch, which kept the kit bag and cellar head tidy!

Overall a well thought out and quality range of padding with options for lighter weight or more comprehensive leg cover. Well worth checking out.

More info from http://www.knox-armour.co.uk/

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