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Chain splitting - simple tool tip

by Phil on 5th November 2009

It's been a while since I've put up a quick workshop tip but last time I was faffing around trying to replace a chain, I made this simple little tool. Super simple, probably free and may save you some swearing. What's not to like?
Here's a really quick tip that might help save some frustration.

Fitting a chain can be a bit of a faff. It's a job where 3 hands are often useful - to hold the ends of the chain, stop the crank spinning and keep the mech tension from whipping the whole lot out of your fingers just as you get it all lined up for the splitter/power link.

Instead of drafting in your other half or grafting on a 3rd arm, all you need is an old spoke or strong piece of wire. Bend it into a hook and you're good to go. I put a little tape tab on the back to help keep track of it in the toolbox.

Use the hook to hold the chain in place while you join/break it.

It's in no means rocket science but it's free and simple so give it a try!

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