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: Beeley wood
: simonm 14 Dec 10, 00:02
just trying to work out an off road route from Hillsborough to Wharncliffe, anyone ridden the FP along the river through Beeley wood ? is it ridable or just a slog ?

: Re: Beeley wood
: simonm 15 Dec 10, 15:31
must be a secret location to ride ;-)
: Re: Beeley wood
: chris. 15 Dec 10, 20:17
It certainly used to be ok to ride, just singletrack, mostly flat and rooty but better than middlewood road by a long shot.
We used to go in either the back road from Fletchers or down the steps near the pub after win gardens and the fire station etc.
Some half decent bits to ride up on the right as you go in the woods there, also the railway line for a proper short cut!
Even a few years back there were a few windblown trees and big muddy bits when it was wet though so it could be worse now.
: Re: Beeley wood
: simonm 16 Dec 10, 13:08
ta chris
: Re: Beeley wood
: chris. 17 Dec 10, 13:05
anybody riding down there still?
Seems very quiet these days...........?
: Re: Beeley wood
: jon2 19 Dec 10, 17:17
It runs along the back of work so I've ridden it a lot. It used to be singletrack but they've turned it into a multi-user type trail, so 3m wide and flat. There are still plenty of good trails in there but as several chunks have recently been sold off, there are quite a few fences up now.

There also used to be a stick-man in there but he's stopped since all the fences went up.

Anyway Beeley is still a good way into wharncliffe. Try Back Edge too if you want to get to the top of Wharncliffe off-road from Hillsborough (well, wadsley bridge).

: Re: Beeley wood
: simonm 20 Dec 10, 14:24
anybody riding down there still?
Seems very quiet these days...........?
yeh, track building and all sorts,  http://thisisheffield.co.uk/  + http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/ThisiSheffield/173149352701178 (http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/ThisiSheffield/173149352701178)

Cheers Jon, thanks for tip.
: Re: Beeley wood
: SV500 22 Dec 10, 22:55
There used to be a narrow path running along the other side of the factories,not a short cut (as it was a bit longer) but interesting at speed  :D
The last time I rode the main path it was very easy,

JJ.. :)
: Re: Beeley wood
: ajp 23 Dec 10, 15:08
the path has been flattened and graded. ie just a gravel path about 10ft wide.  however if you were to go past fletcher into beely woods there is a path that climbs out over the rail way and then appears above the intermet factory on jaw bone hill.  probably the best rout into warney.
: Re: Beeley wood
: simonm 23 Dec 10, 15:13
is that the one that comes out on the hairpin bend on road to Greno ?
: Re: Beeley wood
: ajp 23 Dec 10, 15:18
this shows it.  if you go down clay wheels industrial estate and just as you get into beeley woods theres a set of three stones by the factory. you pretty much just want to go in there and up then you cross the railway line  pretty much follow the diagonal line on the photo. takes some trial and error but its a pretty good climb. nice and steep to pull you bag out on.

http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?rlz=1T4GGLR_enGB352GB352&q=beely+woods&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wl (http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?rlz=1T4GGLR_enGB352GB352&q=beely+woods&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wl)
: Re: Beeley wood
: ajp 23 Dec 10, 15:22
the one that comes out on the hair pin bend starts just off fox hill road; turn left opposite where the super bowl used to be then you get to the old mill (housing development and turn left goes into a small estate with afew industrial building on it then you then there just a corn or maize field at the end, dog shit alley on the first bit though, that trail is a better way of getting back from warney.  the one i'm on about brings you out on a bridal way about 100m above the factory on jaw bone.  @ chris still riding but have a broken wrist at the moment.  alex.
: Re: Beeley wood
: simonm 23 Dec 10, 16:35