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: 66 ata's
: gingerninja 16 Sep 11, 16:52
hi i have some 66 atas and need some help. i have a set of these forks off my stinky air. from the work go they have no kept air but i figure after it took nearly 3 months to get a pair of forks fixed id just keep filling them before i used the bike. which wasnt that often as ive been riding my other bikes more. the prob is that they have started to leak oil out too, something i cant fix. i sent the back and ive been told they need to take out the ata cart and put a spring in, thus making them non adjustable. now as my forks are out of warranty they want 240 to do this. i feel that the forks were a bad design in the first place and i shouldnt have to pay this. now ive been on to a solicitor mate and he said my only option is to find out if there were lots of these problems and then approach the company to see if they will reduce the costs.

so what i am after is lots of people who have had the same prob to post on here so i can get an idea of how common the problem was.

many thanks, dom