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1  CHILL OUT ROOM / tech shop / 66 ata's on: 16 Sep 11, 16:52
hi i have some 66 atas and need some help. i have a set of these forks off my stinky air. from the work go they have no kept air but i figure after it took nearly 3 months to get a pair of forks fixed id just keep filling them before i used the bike. which wasnt that often as ive been riding my other bikes more. the prob is that they have started to leak oil out too, something i cant fix. i sent the back and ive been told they need to take out the ata cart and put a spring in, thus making them non adjustable. now as my forks are out of warranty they want 240 to do this. i feel that the forks were a bad design in the first place and i shouldnt have to pay this. now ive been on to a solicitor mate and he said my only option is to find out if there were lots of these problems and then approach the company to see if they will reduce the costs.

so what i am after is lots of people who have had the same prob to post on here so i can get an idea of how common the problem was.

many thanks, dom
2  MARKETPLACE / for sale / stinky air on: 8 Oct 10, 16:45
selling my stinky air frame, with the dope breaking thing. in very good condition and comes with raceface post, seat clamp and fsa headset.

looking for 500 ono

3  MARKETPLACE / for sale / canon 40d on: 6 Nov 09, 17:14
right ive got a 40d for sale. its in really good condition, no dust on the sensor, and is boxed with all bits and bobs. its less than a year old and was a 2nd cam to my 5d. i now have a 7d too so this needs to go. looking at 450 and would rather not post if possible. i can meet you if with in reason.
4  RIDERS LOUNGE / riding / sheep skull tracks on: 30 Oct 09, 11:54
just a warning to anyone going up to ride there. i was told that this was built on an sssi and the peak authorities were out looking for people riding said tracks. the fine for riding your bike on an sssi area? 50 000 so i was told.
anyone else heard anything?
5  MARKETPLACE / wanted / kona wha wha on: 29 Sep 09, 11:45
anyone got a pair of these or similar they want to sell me?
6  MARKETPLACE / wanted / swap 888 for single crown on: 31 May 09, 10:56
got some 2007 88rc2x world cup and im after some 66's or totams or the like.
will also sell for a good offer
7  MARKETPLACE / for sale / xt cranks on: 29 Oct 08, 10:12
got a set of xt cranks for sale with bb if anybody needs some. in quite good condition with a few normal rub marks. they also have got one ride old saint middle (40 on crc) and std granny ring. had a bash guard on it but its poggys.

45 ono
8  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / pics for phil from sunday on: 20 Feb 08, 01:53

9  MARKETPLACE / for sale / stinky supreme on: 2 Feb 08, 11:58
kona stinky supreme in custom colours (dave watsons old one) recent bearing and bushing change.
dhx5 shock with ti spring.
brand new unridden 2007 66eta's.
raceface diablous stem, seat post and cranks with atlas all mountain bars.
code breaks chris king headset and saint rear mech.
mavic 823 rims laced to hadley front and ringle rear hubs.

dont think there is a better stinky out there for the money (thats not a q for you to start posting about your bikes).

looking for 1600 ono + p&p.

10  CHILL OUT ROOM / owt or nowt / stolen bike on: 28 Dec 07, 12:36
some little scumbags broke into my garage last night and knicked an orange hitman with all the bit of my little stinky on it. its light blue frame with z150 forks coverd in stickers. its got saint cranks and hope m4 beaks with red leaver blades and top cap. the main thing is the wheels. deemax rims on red hope bulb hubs. now you cant get these rims for shops so dont think there are many about. if you see or hear let me know or take it upon    yourself to kick the crap out of them. cheers, dom
11  MARKETPLACE / for sale / kona frame and z150 forks will split on: 31 Oct 07, 10:32
2002 stinky frame 5in travel. ive been using it as a second bike. its had all new bearings and bushings when i got it and has a new van r shock with 3 springs. perfect for most riding, ive bin dj dh and xc on it. ill include seat post, clamp and a raceface headset
looking for 250

also got some z150 eta for it. good condition with on marks on the stantions. 150

or 350 for both
12  CHILL OUT ROOM / tech shop / 66sl ata on: 11 May 07, 23:04
anyone set a pair of these up? just wondering what prissure your running in them. tried as manuel but far too hard and hradly move. cheers, dom
13  CHILL OUT ROOM / owt or nowt / wayne smith on: 2 Jun 06, 10:22
still looking for this guy that lives in doncaster. he has ripped off 3 people on ebay including me. if anyone has some contact details for this guy please pm me. i wont say who told me if you do know. i would just like to get my cash or pump off him. cheers guys
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