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1  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Mates race sunday 3rd on: 29 Mar 11, 21:09
Ayup guys.

Rite then mates race this sunday wharncliffe. Everyones welcome nothing serious just a laugh. Hopin for 2 entry fee split between top 3 for prize.

Kickin things off at about 11 will meet up at bottom of nemba.

Will be using completely new line.

Get yourself down.
2  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: Bad news on: 19 Jan 11, 22:18
Hey up chris. Cant remember who he worked for it said so on his fleece but cant remember. Would be good if we could do something to minimise damage to the tracks as there has been a lot of work been put in over the last few years and the woods are busier than ever.

The contractor did say it was thinning and not just felling which is suppose is good news.

It would be good if we could find out exactly what is going on. If anyone has chris brays email adress i would be happy to contact him.
3  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Bad news on: 18 Jan 11, 20:17
Was in the woods today, got talking to a guy who at first i believed was forestry however he wasnt he was a contractor he was marking all the trees to be felled. Quizzed him a bit according to him all the coniferous woodland between jump track up to to water fall (iron ore). He reckons they will be getting machinery in wherever they can however a lot of the hill is too steep so this will be done with chainsaw.

So it seems more or less all tracks will be affected. Only good news i could think of was that all logs will be removed and anything they do leave behind can be no longer than 2 metres in length so shud be easy enough to shift.
4  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: Race tape Fast track on: 12 Jan 11, 12:32
Thanks simon.

I havent raced but think its awesome that someones taking time out to organise such events.

Wasnt trying to be harsh just trying to raise it before forestry kick off, im am certain their are also many other riders who put just as much effort in to wharncliffe whether its digging or organising events. it just looked a mess.

Happy newyear
5  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Race tape Fast track on: 7 Jan 11, 20:58
aup guys seems like  a long time since ive been on here, well not since dig days and wharncliffe once again went unofficial.

Anyway im here to winge and complain seems like a good way to kick of the new year. All for people organising local races in wharncliffe think its brilliant and understand that the hallam uni guys recently held a time trial and the urban extremist peeps have a little series going on.

But anyway who ever decided to tape fast track out and then spray paint in yellow on the floor the track boundries wasnt the brightest spark. I think putting tape up for the race is good not nessacary as everyone who enters knows the track, but its a good idea none the less. BUT PLEASE TAKE THE F*CKING TAPE DOWN AFTER. The tape is in full view of the main fire road/trans penine trail and dont the forestry will be best impressed as downhill is more tollerated than anything in wharncliffe.

Sorry to winge happy new year.
6  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: a new, LONG dh track....... on: 29 Jun 09, 20:21
where was this track you found?

7  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: a new, LONG dh track....... on: 22 Jun 09, 13:21
2 min track has already been built. Not me though
8  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: Big Horse Ride this weekend - 6th/7th June on: 3 Jun 09, 19:03
I shall be their on the three foot wonder pony
9  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: Current Conditions? on: 5 May 09, 20:49
Monday was still grippy as fooooook. A lot lesss drifty than the dust of the last month or so.
thats nt a complaint!!
10  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / DH Dig day this Sunday (26th) on: 24 Apr 09, 21:43
Rite then guys and girls ino its short notice but for the first time in months we have a DH dig day. So cmon on get yourself down and show your face. If you ride wharncliffe DH you really should put the effort in to come to one of the digs.

I think the plan of action is maintence work in the nemba area of the woods. Many of the tracks have took a hammering over the winter and need a bit of work. So get yourself down the sooner the maintenance is done the sooner we can start work on a new line.

11 O'Clock start see you there.
11  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: grenoside on: 16 Mar 09, 20:01
Well from my recent experience of grenoside its not worth much effort. Not much in their worth riding. So if anyone does have an urge to build then please dont bother with grenoside and get yourself along to a dh dig in wharncliffe.
12  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: grenoside on: 3 Mar 09, 20:23
3 rings oh dear whats the world coming to. You ordered the lycra yet rich
13  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: Why no local races. on: 1 Feb 09, 21:53
ye but its nemba unless you fancy darting into the undergrowth dont make anydifference how wide we tape it
14  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: Why no local races. on: 30 Jan 09, 13:12
should tape just 1 line at the bottom section to avoid anyone getting too much of an advantage.
15  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: Why no local races. on: 30 Jan 09, 12:38
Ye that sounds gud if you think we could get away with using tape. We would probably have to take the tape down straight after we had finished the timed runs (race).

Was in wharncliffe yesterday bottom of section of nemba is bit of a mud bath needs sum work.

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