gravity fuelled mountain bike riding
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 on: 20 Sep 11, 20:03 
Started by SV500 - Last post by SV500
Heres a link to the Sheff forum

This sounds interesting does it not ?


 on: 16 Sep 11, 16:52 
Started by gingerninja - Last post by gingerninja
hi i have some 66 atas and need some help. i have a set of these forks off my stinky air. from the work go they have no kept air but i figure after it took nearly 3 months to get a pair of forks fixed id just keep filling them before i used the bike. which wasnt that often as ive been riding my other bikes more. the prob is that they have started to leak oil out too, something i cant fix. i sent the back and ive been told they need to take out the ata cart and put a spring in, thus making them non adjustable. now as my forks are out of warranty they want 240 to do this. i feel that the forks were a bad design in the first place and i shouldnt have to pay this. now ive been on to a solicitor mate and he said my only option is to find out if there were lots of these problems and then approach the company to see if they will reduce the costs.

so what i am after is lots of people who have had the same prob to post on here so i can get an idea of how common the problem was.

many thanks, dom

 on: 13 Sep 11, 12:50 
Started by Phil - Last post by Phil
Might be, Si, might be!

 on: 15 Aug 11, 02:09 
Started by nmcam12345 - Last post by nmcam12345
oh ok to be honest   i did sit on it a it kinda sank  like if u bottom out ... the rubber o ring  slide to the end off the bolt   so i guess i need to pump some air in there im riden a joker ellsworth    and the  type on riden  just basic xc  not too much dh ... just got a pump for the rear shock  pdf rear shock for fox   220 psi ?  but  i dnt kno if its rite  psi  for my weght  im 5ft 6 and 13 stone  and the bike is a joker ellsworth

 on: 14 Aug 11, 22:49 
Started by nmcam12345 - Last post by Phil
What bike and what kind of riding are you doing?
Usually recommend between 20% (more XC) and 33% (DH) sag.

You'll need to know the shock stroke.

Measure eye to eye (from bolt to bolt) on the shock with it uncompressed.

Then sit on the bike in your riding position, feet up and measure again (maybe get someone to help)

The difference between the two measurements is the sag. Work out what %age of the shock stroke has been used up as sag and add/remove air to get to your target sag.

e.g.  50mm stroke shock.

20% desired sag = you want 10mm compression when sat on the bike
30% desired sag = you want 15mm compression when sat on the bike

 on: 14 Aug 11, 19:52 
Started by nmcam12345 - Last post by nmcam12345
just like some help pls  i have installd my rear shox to my bike  from new  and wounder ing  wht air  pressure to put in it  or does it have standerd  pressure air in  coz it dnt look good  to me i can bottom it when i sit on it

 on: 12 Aug 11, 10:53 
Started by adrianb - Last post by adrianb
Fox Talas 32 RL 140mm forks 15mm axle has 208mm steerer and starnut fitted and are black!

 on: 11 Aug 11, 16:49 
Started by adrianb - Last post by adrianb
Now stripped and have the following to sell, more details and pics to follow:

Fox Talas 32 RL 140mm forks 15mm axle   300
wheelset - Shimano XT centrelock hubs (15mm front, QR rear)/DT Swiss xr 430 rimms    160
Shimano XT QR rear spindle   10
Shimano XTR RD M972 GS shadow med cage rear deraillieur   70
Shimano XT shifters pair & cables   45
Shimano XT 11-34 cassette   25
Shimano XT chain   10
Shimano XT M775 Brakeset   125
Shimano XT C/L RT78 180mm rotors pair   20
Ritchey Pro Carbon low riser carbon fibre bars   40
Hope blue seat post qr clamp for 34.9mm posts   15
Wellgo magnesium flat pedals   20

 on: 10 Aug 11, 20:26 
Started by Phil - Last post by simonm
your having a sell out mat suspect your planning a new bike....

 on: 10 Aug 11, 17:43 
Started by Phil - Last post by Phil
Open to sensible offers - can build the hub into a wheel if required too!

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