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Author Topic: Boxxer issues  (Read 760 times)

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« on: 27 Jul 08, 21:30 »

Hi all, sorry for the long post but just come back from holiday and got to get this sorted for Hopton next weekend.

I have some 2007 boxxer teams which came on a 2nd hand bike I bought at the end of last year.  They had done a year of racing, had a tf sticker on them and seemed in okay condition, mint stanchions etc.
I have changed the lube oil in the lowers a couple of times with the TF mix and put a lower weight spring in to suit my weight.
They have been fine, although the spring side had started to leak oil, I thought it was nothing to worry about and went on holiday.  At Pila on the 2nd day the spring side stanchion went from fine to scored and worn in a day, despite no marking before.  I took the leg off and some fine grit seemed to be in-between the dust seals (blue ones - I think Enduro?) so I cleaned it out and put grease and 15wt oil in.  However the scoring and wear in the hard coat got worse and worse, as shown below;

There is no noticeable play in the bushes, although they look trashed.

Additionally oil started to come out of the seal at the top of the damping leg, underneath the high speed compression adjuster (little silver knob).  The O ring had come out, I pushed it back in and cut some brake hose to fit above it to hold it in place.  I then started to lose travel to about half what it should be and the rebound started to dissapear.  I've stripped the damper and nothing obvious seems wrong.

I've searched on usual US forums but nothing came up.  Any ideas?  Do I just buy a new stanchion and seal kit?  I'm worried the stanchion will just trash in the same way.  Plus I don't think the seal kit replaces the seals that are leaking on the damper when I looked at the manuals on the sram site.

Anyone had similar problems?  I'm going to give tf a ring tomorrow.  Cheers if you managed to read all this.

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