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Author Topic: DH Kit - Recommend me some upgrades!  (Read 1721 times)

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« on: 10 Mar 09, 20:03 »

Looking for upgrades for my Scott Gambler DH20, I have a nasty habit of riding as fast as possible and Im prone to wiping out at high speed, so beefy but preferably not too heavy!

What wheels? Been looking at options for maybe MTX-33 or EX721 to replace the Alex Supra BH's, any suggestions to go on Hope Pro II's/DT Swiss spokes?

What Forks? Currently has 888 RV's which Ive been told are a good shock when set up right, I have Fox's on my other bkes and they seem as good. Was thinking of putting 888 ATA's on it, maybe 40's, but cant really justify those at the moment as the RV's are performing pretty well.

What Crank? Currently has Truvativ Hussevelt DH 1.1 36t, was thinking of putting Saint stuff on it, will this reduce the weight any?

What Drivechain? Has SRAM 5.0 or soemthing, was thinking of replacing this with Saint Shadow kit, will it fit?

What Rear Shox? Currently a Van R coil, is very plush, will replacing with a DHX 5.0 make any difference?

What Bars & Stem? Has some of Scotts own crap on an a Monster integrated stem, super heavy though....

Discuss...... :)

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The Trig

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« Reply #1 on: 11 Mar 09, 14:45 »

Spokey-dokeys.  Essential
Tommi HXH

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How exactly did I manage THAT?

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« Reply #2 on: 11 Mar 09, 21:12 »

I don't know why you want a discus? I'm confused.

I agree with Trig, spokey dokeys and rooster reflectors all the way.

... but of course at the time I was very drunk!
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