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Edge bikes split from parent company

Edge bikes split from parent company

Bad news in today is that Sheffield company Edge Innovation Limited, who were behind MTB manufacturer Edge Bikes, has gone into voluntary liquidation. The good news is that Edge Bikes, the MTB frame manufacturing micro-brand that began trading in 2002, will survive!

Edge Innovation Limited, the Sheffield company behind MTB manufacturer Edge Bikes has gone into voluntary liquidation. The company, founded in 2000, was involved in a number of development projects, including an internal gearbox component for MTB's, but failed to generate enough commercial success to continue. There are very few creditors, all of whom were consulted throughout the decision making.

The only profitable part of the business; Edge Bikes, the MTB frame manufacturing micro-brand that began trading at the end of 2002, will survive. Owners of the business have agreed a deal with liquidators to buy the Edge Bikes brand and stock as a going concern and will continue trading under the name "Edge Bikes". This is a new venture and has no connection with Edge Innovation Limited.

Adrian Smith of Edge Bikes said "It's sad news that Edge Innovation couldn't support itself, there were some really exciting products in the pipeline. However, now Edge Bikes is free to fulfil its potential in its own right."

"We were half-way through setting up a dealer network for the MTB frames and all current dealers have been contacted. They shouldn't notice any difference in the level of service and support they receive, most of the same key staff are involved in the new venture and we remain on good terms with all our suppliers."

Edge Bikes will continue to sponsor the Downhill racing team through 2004, with riders Aidan Bishop (Elite DH); Neil Harris (Elite DH), James Allaway (Expert DH) and Jordan Gould (Elite 4-X) and a recent competition run with MBUK to give away a Blade-BSX frameset will continue as before. All warranties on frames sold over the past year will be honoured by the new company.

Team rider Aidan Bishop said "I'm glad that Edge Bikes will still be around, in fact from the publics point of view, very little will have changed. Without the problems of the parent company, 2004 might be the year Edge is established as a leading bike brand."

The phone number and website remain the same: 0870 744 9362 and edgebikes.com. For further information contact Adrian Smith.

Edge frames proving they are fully World Cup capable at Fort Bill on 2003

A fleet of DH and 4X bikes from Edge

Download this press release as a pdf here.

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