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SPY goggles strap removal

SPY goggles strap removal

This is one of those simple tricks that are obvious if you know it - embrassing when you realise you don't! Jon_e showed Marples who showed me how he keeps his goggles looking pimp. Whip the strap off and slap it in the washer...

Here's the trick - where the strap passes through the goggle frame, it is doubled back to stop it pulling through. Peek underneath the doubly-back bit and you will see a 'little black split thingy' lurking under there.

The strap, with the little black split thingy in plain view

Pull the doubled back end of the strap out of the goggle frame until you can remove the black thingy...

Now we know the reason the thingy has a split!

Pull the thingy apart and slide it off the strap (and put it down somewhere safe!). Gently but firmly pull the doubled back bit through the now larger opening in the frame and your strap is free!

Slap your strap in the washer (just keep it away from any velco), wash your goggles in the sink and job's a good 'un! Have fun putting it all back together (and look out for people in the woods with the SPY logo upside down).

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