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NeoGuard review

NeoGuard review

The NeoGuard arrived just in time for my first session on the new rig. It was pouring down so I fitted it up and gave it a blast down the track, picking muddy lines just for you guys!
The concept of a vertically mounted mud shield is nothing new. It's an old racer trick to roach a DH tube and zip tie between the fork brace and lower crown. Riders have already figured out that most of the mud that hits you on the goggles is actually thrown up and forwards by your wheels - the same mechanism that gives you get a stripe up your back! Mud from the front wheel is also flung up and forward. You then ride into it as it 'hangs' in the air and it hits you in the face.

Why not just cut up a tube? Sure you can, but come on, you've paid how much on a bike? You've got it dialled, picked components and tuned the suspension. You've spend hundreds on a rig, why ruin it with a tatty bit of inner tube hanging off the front?

The rapid racing crew run a tight ship on the race circuit and saw the need for a professional product to replace the pikey tube fix. After several prototypes, the resulting NeoGuard is here. Fitting takes seconds - just thread the velcro tabs through the holes and secure. It's equally simple to remove when the racing line is ridden dry.

The NeoGuard isn't about box-fresh clean shoes and kit. It's about getting out there in the stinking weather and giving it licks, having big grins but still being able to see where you are going through your goggles. Catching the forward-flung mud from the top of the wheel keeps your goggles clean - and the NeoGuard does this perfectly.

It's a tried and tested concept but just to prove it, we checked everyone's goggles after a recent spray-ridden run at Cwmcarn. The unsurprising result is the 'vertical fender' is a success, keeping goggles mostly splatter free as intended.

Fast to fit and remove, it is a very well executed solution and certainly looks the part. A custom logo option available for the factory riders out there!

13.95 seems fair value for such a carefully developed product. If you can't afford it, ask Santa for one, it's more useful than socks. Or just cut up a tube. The choice is yours ;)

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