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Bolehills Pumptrack Pursuit Enduro

Bolehills Pumptrack Pursuit Enduro

I Googled "pump track enduro" and it looks like it could be a world first* for this format. At least on the internet! It's a crazy plan but it might just work. Could it work? If there are enough people** up for it, we'll find out on Thursday in Sheffield.
What's the crack then? If you haven't heard about pump tracks then you can't have been riding much. The other event on the rise is the enduro riding format. For a laugh, I thought we'd put both together to test out the latest pump line at Sheffield finest BMX track with the world's first pump track enduro event!

The concept

Drop into the pump track and see how many laps you can do. Back to back laps, no rests, no stops, the works.

While this could be a mean feat of endurance, it'll be about as interesting as watching paint dry so we decided to spice it up a bit and add a competitive edge.

Once you're half way round, another rider drops in. Try to catch them, they are after you too!

Do as many laps as you can without getting caught (or your legs dropping off). Simple.

The rules

- chocolate bar in the bucket as your stake
- pick a random numbered peg from the bucket
- riders start in peg number order
- crank from the start to the pump line
- pumping only from then on, no scooting or scuffing. Crank and you're out!
- stay on the track or you're out
- once the rider on course hits the half way flag, next rider drops in
- if you are caught (one clear bike length) pull over.
- as soon as there's one rider on track, the next rider lines up and drops in as the preceding rider hits the half way flag

The winner is the person that clocks up the most laps in their session. Take the win, take the chocolate bucket! I know, I know, pretty high stakes, we know how to roll deep at the Bolehills.

Any tied places will be decided by a one lap pumping race of the whole track. Pedal the tarmac only then pump the rest. Finish order past the post or furthest round the track determines positions.

Malco pumping the exit turn

When and where

Bolehill BMX track, Sheffield (map below)
First attempt is pencilled in for Thursday 14th, 7pm, weather depending.

Please note, this is a fun muckabout rather than a formal event. We're trying out an idea. Don't drive for miles and blame us if it's crap!

It's on the forum - sign up or offer suggestions in this thread.

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* It might be a world first, but let me know if you've done it before. If not, remember where you got the idea!
** I reckon 'enough' is about 7. Or more than 3.


Event went off, the format is a go-er, riders loving it!

A little video from the warmdown after the main event is here:

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