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: M6 helicoil kit?
: Phil 13 Jan 10, 19:40
Anyone local to Sheffield got an M6 helicoil fitting kit (drill, tap and setter) that I could have a shot on?  If you've got a M6 x 1 helicoil as well that would be a great.

Won't need it for about a week but if anyone can hook me up it'd be much appreciated. Happy to pay, just don't need a 20 kit with loads inserts which seem to be the best deal on eBay!
: Re: M6 helicoil kit?
: PaulE 13 Jan 10, 20:59
I've got either an M6 or M8 Kit, not sure if there are any coils left though... I'll take a look and get back to you later.
: Re: M6 helicoil kit?
: Phil 13 Jan 10, 21:55
Cool, that would be great.  I can buy a coil no probs, saves me buying a kit I might only use once or twice (hopefully not again!).  Cheers.