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1  MARKETPLACE / wanted / Decent all-round bike wanted on: 24 Nov 09, 11:28
Looking for a bike for my nephew to commute and ride simple trails on. He is looking for something that is basic but good quality and condition. He is a growing lad, so needs to be suitable for someone of around 6 feet tall.
Budget is around the 100 mark, so I know I am not going to get too much bang for my buck. Suggestions gratefully received. I can collect locally - Rotherham or sheffield area.
2  MARKETPLACE / wanted / Decent Bodyboard wanted on: 29 Jul 09, 08:19
I know it's not biking stuff, but has anyone got a decent bodyboard they no longer use?
I need a 42 inch length.
3  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Wharncliffe trail map on: 2 Oct 08, 11:37
I had a thought yesterday when I was out riding. There were a few student types trying to find the different trails, and were pumping me for information.
Now, I see this all the time. Visitors getting lost from the top car park, mainly sticking to Fast Track because it is fairly obvious, and maybe getting lost on one of the more technical trails.
I wondered what would be the reaction to creating a new map of the area. I would envisage directions from the top car park (not the bottom one as this might cause problems), and brief descrptions of the routes, with some sort of hand drawn/digital map, that can be downloaded and printed off.
The advantages are obvious, in that people can find the trails.
The downside is that it might attract greater numbers of riders to the area, and the 'peaceful' trails will get more hammer. Also would there be any fallout from the Forestry Commission, especially in light of the recent trail building activities.
If the response is positive, I would have a go at doing it myself. If its negative, I would keep quiet.
Thoughts please.

4  MARKETPLACE / wanted / Elbow Pads or Armour wanted on: 11 Aug 08, 10:11
I am looking for a set of elbow pads, about medium size, any condition. I am buying them as a second set for a friend who rides with me very occasionally, so the cheaper the better. Alternatively, I would consider some form of body armour with elbow pads, but really my budget is tight.
5  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Cafe near the top car park on: 8 May 07, 10:31
I was up at the top Car Park on Saturday, and a very pleasant lady came up to me with a petition. It seems that she has bought the shooting lodge, and wants to change useage to a livery stable and cafe, with secure parking. All well and good, I hear you say, but the locals have kicked up a stink and have put in objections to the council. One person (maybe the 'badger man') has threatened her.

I don't know what any body else feels but I would welcome an initiative like this. Firstly, I can finish the day with a nice mug of tea and cream cakes. Secondly, It would be a nice place to meet mates who are always late, rather than a litter strewn car park. Thirdly, it would have the advantage of having somebody present all the time with an interest in keeping the scallies away. And fourthly, cafes are often a focus for local users when issues need to be fought (like access, digging etc).

Unfortunately I was in a hurry (forgot my helmet), and didn't get her name, but I signed her petition. I reckon we should give her our support, what does everyone else think?
6  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Police in the woods on: 5 Feb 07, 10:39
I was at Wharncliffe on Sunday, and was amazed to see two coppers on trailbikes doing the rounds. It seems that there is a new policy of 'two strikes and you're out' with regards to motorbikes and quad bikes in the woods. ie. they will be confiscated and crushed if you are caught more than twice.
My feeling is this initiative should be applauded for two reasons. Firstly, less motorbikes mean less damage to trails and less likelihood of an accident. Secondly, with more riders coming to the area, there will be increase in scumbags hanging around robbing cars, so hopefully the police patrols will at least make them think twice.
Good job to the cops in a time of limited resources.
7  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Top Carpark weirdness on: 28 Sep 06, 12:44
I was out at Wharncliffe yesterday afternoon and evening, and as usual parked at the top carpark. When I got back from riding, I noticed a brick lying by my passenger door, and when I looked at the passenger door window it had been scratched by said brick. I can only assume that somebody tried to break in, which raises a couple of questions.

1. Was the break in attempt made by someone very weak who could barely lift the brick, or
2. Are the windows on my knackered Passat made out of bullet proof glass.

There was another car there with a bloke aged about 35 or so, who was drinking beer, and fairly drunk, but didn't look the type to smash and grab, although that might have solved the mystery. I went and talked to him and he seemed Ok.

Anyway, be careful out there
8  CHILL OUT ROOM / owt or nowt / So you think you are skilled on a bike? on: 10 Aug 06, 12:38
I was bored at work today, and saw this.


Check it out.
9  RIDERS LOUNGE / riding / Caersws info needed on: 6 Feb 06, 18:35
Hey Guys
I am on my way down to Newtown, and could really do with the skinny on Caersws. I know its on private land, but according to the article the farmer is really friendly. Is there a contact number, and where exactly is it? Any info is greatly appreciated as I don't really fancy sitting in front of the telly for the weekend
10  CHILL OUT ROOM / tech shop / Full Face Helmets on: 31 Aug 05, 10:20
Anybody got any recommendations for a full face helmet. I am getting into DH, and could do with extra protection 'cos I keep falling off and don't want to become any uglier than I am already.
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