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1  CHILL OUT ROOM / owt or nowt / a new topic on: 6 Oct 13, 22:10
Sorry, I just came though to clear out the tumbleweeds. Maybe in another year someone can post something else to keep the server running?
2  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: Beeley wood on: 19 Dec 10, 17:17
It runs along the back of work so I've ridden it a lot. It used to be singletrack but they've turned it into a multi-user type trail, so 3m wide and flat. There are still plenty of good trails in there but as several chunks have recently been sold off, there are quite a few fences up now.

There also used to be a stick-man in there but he's stopped since all the fences went up.

Anyway Beeley is still a good way into wharncliffe. Try Back Edge too if you want to get to the top of Wharncliffe off-road from Hillsborough (well, wadsley bridge).

3  RIDERS LOUNGE / riding / Re: Bucknell woods on: 23 Nov 09, 14:45
It was one of the best Pearce courses this year, and yes, the road gap at the bottom does have a chicken run. Best bit is the first 30 seconds, really fast with a succession of doubles which, if you hit them right, gets you more and more speed, before a massive ski jump launcher into a hyperspeed berm.

Malco was popping off the ski jump in practice for the race but scared himself quite a bit I think. It's not hard at all to go 10 metres off it. Most people were doing all they could to squash it as much as possible. I certainly was.

With a bit of psyching yourself up and watching a few other riders you'll probably be doing the gap anyway, it's not hard....just nerve-wracking the first time. Baracuda Bob was claiming he'd ridden it... witness evidence suggests otherwise.

4  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Police at station road "entrance" on: 4 Nov 09, 20:38
I know it's a cliche to say "haven't you got more important things to be doing" to members of the constabulary but I had to really bite my tongue this evening. After scrambling round the defences at the end of station road (3-4 layers of metal fence, razor wire, felled trees, steep bank) with my bike and crossing the railway, I came face to face with a policeman who'd been waiting patiently in the dark.

Anyway last time I looked, trespass was a civli offence but the bobby gave me a bit of a lecture and let me on my way, it was all just a bit weird and a severe waste of police resources but maybe they were out to get the guy who keeps cutting the locks.

Oh and if anyone's wondering why I went to such lengths to battle through the obstacles rather than going up the road, it's partly the principle, but mostly because I underestimated just how much metalwork's been put up :-\
5  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: Helicopter Heroes on bbc1 on: 25 Oct 09, 19:26
hmmmmmmmmmm sounds familiar...........

Thanks for  the link, I was wondering when it would be shown.

6  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: ANNOUNCEMENT - Walk tracks first! on: 10 Aug 09, 07:50
I haven't seen it yet but unless that fence is built like the Berlin wall it'll have been cut down within the week, someone really hates it even more than us.
7  CHILL OUT ROOM / owt or nowt / Part-time job at Just Riding Along on: 5 Aug 09, 15:45

We are currently looking for someone to work part-time in our Sheffield (Middlewood) shop, 4 hours per day Monday to Friday. Full job description on our website:

Click for details

If you know anyone who might be interested please let them know.


8  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: a new, LONG dh track....... on: 2 Jul 09, 15:47
That must be the angry farmer, he tries to stop anyone crossing the Chase by blocking the way with sheep and stuff.
9  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: a new, LONG dh track....... on: 29 Jun 09, 21:31
Not telling.... if the builders want to share it they can. Nothing's that hard to find in Wharncliffe though.

10  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: a new, LONG dh track....... on: 29 Jun 09, 13:43
I ran across a new trail yesterday in what I guess is the "longest line" area, wow it's good, very short but loads of fun. Anyway, whoever built it, good work.
11  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: a new, LONG dh track....... on: 24 Jun 09, 17:02
There were rocks and logs on the bottom of the XC trail a couple of weeks ago. I rolled them off. Stickman's very busy at the moment, but I've still never caught him in action.
12  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: a new, LONG dh track....... on: 15 Jun 09, 21:40
A long run would be nice but there just isn't the height at wharncliffe for a 3 min dowhill. You might just about squeeze a 2 min one if you make it quite pedally but the maximum realistic height drop (crags to plank gate) is only just over 100m whereas something like the Pearce Bringewood races (quite pedally for DH) cover 190m of height drop:
bringewood profile

But I am happy for anyone to prove me wrong  ;D

13  CHILL OUT ROOM / owt or nowt / Re: Ae Enduro, can anyone offer me a lift? on: 21 May 09, 14:53
I think the shredder was the last stage, loads of fast berms and jumps. Good but some of the jumps aren't designed great and you end up jumping into a pit.

Anyway the format was a prologue stage, which was a short trail section including a slightly mad but loads of fun fall-line mudfest, followed the next day by a loop of the xc trail with a few timed, mostly downhill sections. I was a bit surprised to get 7th and even more surprised when my friend Dan won it against some pretty good riders.

It was a lot of fun, one of the best races I've ridden in a long time.

Check out the cheesy podium music here:


14  CHILL OUT ROOM / owt or nowt / Re: Ae Enduro, can anyone offer me a lift? on: 13 May 09, 15:16

I went anyway and it was good (apart from the torrential rain on Saturday).
15  CHILL OUT ROOM / owt or nowt / Ae Enduro, can anyone offer me a lift? on: 6 May 09, 12:25 exchange for petrol money? From Sheffield, obviously.


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