gravity fuelled mountain bike riding

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16  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Found - RH white 661 glove at internet on: 1 Apr 09, 11:32
found this morning at Intermet factory Wharncliffe - right hand 661 glove white.
PM or pick up from Just riding along.
17  RIDERS LOUNGE / riding / Re: Bolehills Bonfire night session // Pumptrack pursuit enduro round 2 on: 6 Nov 08, 11:14
Phil, we'll be there weather permitting and will bring the dog (unless there are other small dogs around for him to eat)

18  MARKETPLACE / wanted / Re: Firewood! Tree surgeon waste - trees, branches, logs etc. on: 24 Sep 08, 17:40
Hi Phil, have you got your chimney lined and fireplace installed? We're looking for someone to do ours...

See you at the weekend anyway, we can discuss chimneys instead of practicing the course...

19  RIDERS LOUNGE / riding / DH in Spain, recommendations for guided holidays please on: 26 Aug 08, 17:49
Well not necessarily only DH but we're looking to go away over Christmas (it's the only time of year we can close with no-one complaining!) for some riding in Spain where hopefully it will be reasonably warm. Does anyone have any recommendations for who to go with? Looking for good trails, pointing down but don't mind if we have to ride up some stuff too.


20  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: Wed 30th? on: 30 Jul 08, 13:14
how hard can it be, don't you just sit on them and turn the throttle?
21  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: Wed 30th? on: 30 Jul 08, 12:08
22  RIDERS LOUNGE / Wharncliffe / Re: Wed 30th? on: 28 Jul 08, 14:10
Hi Phil, I think we'll be out for some last minute DH rust removal x-treme freeride action (if that's what you had in mind) before the race. What time and where?


p.s. we might actually make it out this time
23  CHILL OUT ROOM / owt or nowt / Re: think I recognise that helmet and top on: 16 Jul 08, 13:18
:-( I thought it was barracuda bob
24  CHILL OUT ROOM / owt or nowt / Re: I Know push up is a pain but this is NO solution on: 25 Jun 08, 15:43
looks suspiciously like a gravity-slaves sticker on the rim photo

25  MARKETPLACE / wanted / Re: Totem solo air for lyric spring swap? on: 16 Jun 08, 11:24
Thanks anyway

26  MARKETPLACE / wanted / Re: Totem solo air for lyric spring swap? on: 13 Jun 08, 14:24
Don't suppose you still have the Totems to get rid of do you? I'm after a bit more travel.
27  MARKETPLACE / wanted / Re: WANTED: Washing Machine on: 13 Jun 08, 14:22
We get all our domestic appliances from Sheffield Forum, there are some massive bargains to be had. Although we ended up on Ebay for a washing machine, from this guy:

He is in Retford. The first one we got didn't work properly so he drove us a different one up to replace it which was nice.
28  CHILL OUT ROOM / tech shop / Re: How badly built is your intense bike?? on: 22 May 08, 10:44
I think that's what you get with relatively small US manufacturers, not that it's right, and I'd be annoyed and want it fixed if it was mine. The only thing I noticed with my SS was that I couldn't get the rear disk bolts through the holes on the mounts as the holes are too small. Well I could, but only by winding them in with an allen key and lots of copperslip.

It's all worth it though, as it's a well-known fact that it's not possible to buy a better bike than a 6.6 SS.

29  RIDERS LOUNGE / racing / Re: Midlands Round 3 - Bringewood on: 19 May 08, 17:26
dangerous like a kitten. It mostly made me realise just how fast the silly fast people are, even with a steady first run and no mistakes people were going 20s faster! eek.
30  RIDERS LOUNGE / racing / Re: Midlands Round 3 - Bringewood on: 13 May 08, 14:46
when does it ever rain at a Pearce Race

the last one?!!? stupid mud. I have swamp things now just in case.

Looking forward to sun and dust and people hurling themselves into the brambles on the steep-sided bit again.

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